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Create Divine Intentions by connecting to your Soul plan.

Now is the perfect time to connect deeply as the initial influx of 2020 energies are stabilizing.


This is a very special year as it starts a brand new decade and the light that is pouring onto the planet is opening up magnificent opportunities.


We are more supported than ever before to bring our purpose to life.

In this 3 week program we meet weekly (4 calls) to connect to our soul plan and create intuitive divine intentions for 2020. With the new energies and vibrations of 2020 all is possible, regardless of how events may have unfolded in the past. 

You also receive a guided meditation and energetic transmission to download and keep. Plus you are immersed in a sacred cocoon within the group to support your expansion.


Now is the time to connect to spirit and thrive.

If you are ready for change then check out all the details below.

Sign up soon as places are limited.

This is a magical time to open to all that you are.

Be the light you came here to be. 


Connect and you will be guided.

Signup Coming Soon ...

You will receive emails from Joan Buckley. We respect your privacy and will never share your data. Privacy Policy.   


Due to the digital nature of  this course and the detailed description on this page about what is included in the course, we do not offer any refunds.

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