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Sacred Space Creation for Homes & Buildings

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”

― Joseph Campbell

Many people create a sacred space where they do their daily meditations and spiritual practices. But creating sacred space can be so much more. One of my spiritual gifts is the ability to create energetic sacred space for events, homes, businesses and locations.

Creating sacred space for a building, house or land releases any residual energetic patterns and stagnant energies.


Over time energy is gathered from experiences that occurred with previous owners or people who passed through, and also from ancestral and historical struggles. All these energies can be stored in the fabric of buildings and homes, in the land, water and trees. They can affect anyone who spends time in these spaces, especially the energetically sensitive.


You may have experience of walking into a place and feeling uplifted, then sad or less happy in another place. You are feeling the energies around you. And these energies can be healed and raised in vibration and frequency.

My personal sense is that the step of ceremonial clearing of the old and creating a perfect new space for each person, family or business is missing in our current movements. When I go on vacation I create a temporary sacred space before arrival in a hotel room or rental. It makes an amazing difference to the family dynamics during our holidays. As a lightworker I need an energetically suitable space whether it is for personal or business, whether I am at home or travelling.


When I create sacred space I ask for permission from the guardians & ancestors of the land and location. Then I work with the crystals, angelic realms, star energies, sacred geometry and more to lay down a supportive, loving and healing space. It is very individual to each location and to the history of that space and its future potentials

Sacred Space

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