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Sacred Space Creation for Events

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”

― Joseph Campbell

Many people create a sacred space where they do their daily meditations and spiritual practices. But creating sacred space can be so much more. One of my spiritual gifts is the ability to create energetic sacred space for events, homes, businesses and locations.

Creating sacred space for an event is a two step process. Firstly is clearing any residual energetic patterns and stagnant energies where the event is being held. I then work with the guardians of the location, crystal consciousness, angelic realms, star energies, sacred geometry and more to lay down a supportive, loving and healing space.


It is created to match your intentions for the event, combined with the highest good of all who enter the space. The overall purpose is always to create a safe and loving space of deep transformation, while the host and each person are held in the arms of spirit.

It is creating energetic comfort in the same way as we wish for physical comfort when we go to an event or retreat. It raises the frequency and vibration of the space, which in turns opens up new possibilities and potentials for all who are there.



Starting price :  € 750 for 3-5 day event (billed via paypal)

Thank you for contacting me. I'll be in touch soon.

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