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Wesak Journey : A Sacred Gathering with the Ascended Masters
Wesak Journey : A Sacred Gathering with the Ascended Masters

Available May 23rd 2024



Wesak Journey : A Sacred Gathering with the Ascended Masters

Free Activation & Meditation

Time & Location

Available May 23rd 2024


About the event

The Wesak festival is an annual celebration to commemorate the Buddha. On this day many ascended Masters gather in the portals of the Himalayas to support humanity and flood the earth with Christ Consciousness light.

This year it is celebrated May 23rd, although the date may vary by country.

Join us for a mystical experience with the Ascended Masters, as they share their love and wisdom.

I’m Joan and I’ve been creating magical light-filled journeys and meditations for nearly two decades. I adore Wesak and the light it brings and I’m honored to celebrate it with you.

During this activation and meditation we will :

✨ ️ Partner with the Ascended Masters, the magic of Wesak, the mystical realms of the Himalayas, and many, many light beings.

✨ ️ Journey to a sacred portal in the Himalayas and join a gathering of Ascended Masters.

✨ ️ Receive activations and attunements from the Ascended Masters, and feel their absolute love for us.

✨ ️ Receive individual guidance and a gift from one Ascended Master, that addresses our greatest need at this time.

✨ ️ Ground a new level of Christ Consciousness light into our lives.

We are lovingly supported by Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, our Star and Galactic families, the Crystalline realms, Mother Earth, and many more.

Are you ready to expand your light and embrace the blessings of Wesak?

As a special gift to you, this activation and meditation is FREE.

Additional Information :

⭐ Listening :

You will receive a link to the webpage hosting this activation and meditation in your confirmation email.

⭐ Preparation for listening:

While no specific preparation is required, it's a good idea to set aside some time beforehand. 

Set up a comfortable and quiet space, have water, a journal and pen at hand, and anything else you need to honor your time and commitment to yourself for this powerful process.

After the activation and meditation, give yourself time to ease back into your usual routine, as the process may be intense. Keeping well hydrated afterwards and rest as needed.

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