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About Joan     


Joan is a spiritual guide, healer and energy intuitive; a conscious spiritual leader and way-shower, here to usher in a brand new way of living in partnership with the divine.

Joan is passionate about guiding everyone to deeply connect to their own inner knowing and vast spiritual teams. She believes we all have access to a wealth of wisdom and guidance from the spiritual realms; we just need to expand our connections and clear the fears and blocks to reconnecting in a gentle and loving way. 

She downloads pioneering techniques and processes to assist light workers step fully into their full multi-dimensional magnificence. Joan is committed to awakening the ancient and futuristic wisdom of light leaders, and reconnecting visionary leaders to their divine collaborators throughout the cosmos.

Joan left behind a successful corporate career in her 30s to walk the spiritual path. A series of circumstances and stresses all came together to force her to look for a better way of living. Having forgotten her spiritual connections and gifts, it was a rollercoaster quest back to remembrance. 


After journeying through her own awakening process she now wishes to ease the path for others, to share her powerful spiritual gifts as a healer, teacher and energy intuitive, as well as her experiences of the struggles, fear and difficulties on this winding road.


She is a mother of 3 and wants to lead the way for the next generation of spiritual leaders, to clear the path so our children and grandchildren can thrive and shine on a beautiful evolved earth.

Since 2007 Joan has provided Intuitive Healing and Angel Healing training, led many spiritual and transformational  workshops, offered online classes, energetically healed many buildings and sites, downloaded cutting edge energetic processes and created the Celestial Club membership program.


Joan's greatest joy now is to bring the light of our spiritual homes to Earth. Her passion is to help others connect in a deeper way to themselves, their beautiful multidimensional teams and all the supporting energies, and live each day in Divine Partnership.

In 2019 Joan opened the doors to the Celestial Club monthly membership program. The awakening journey can be challenging and lonely and Joan created Celestial Club to provide what she herself needed over the years. It is a supportive and loving community to bring people together, while also providing the tools, techniques and guidance necessary to move gently onwards.


She firmly believes that we are all amazing Divine beings of light and the path is remembering all that we already are, becoming aware of our expansive family of light and living a life in the flow of soul for this lifetime.

There are magical multidimensional opportunities available at this sacred time so you can thrive.


Are you ready? Come join us in Celestial club so we can thrive together. Celestial Club >>>

 Joan is an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, Angel Energy Healing practitioner, a Reiki Master, transformational workshop leader and a certified teacher in the philosophy of Louise Hay.

The greatest class of all has been her awakening journey and the experience of remembering her own gifts.

Energy Intuitive, Spiritual Guide, Healer
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