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Intuitive Healing and Alignment

Ancestral - Akashic - Past Lifetime - Multidimensional - Power RetrievalNew Earth Alignment - Geometric Coherence - Timeline Realignment -  Template Upgrades - Advanced Grounding - Integration & Acclimatization

Welcome to a journey of deep self-discovery and alignment. My intuitive healing sessions are tailored to your unique needs, guiding you to move past deep-seated blocks, release hidden constraints, and embrace your true, magnificent, powerful multidimensional self.

In this New Era, we have access to higher vibrations and frequencies that facilitate faster, gentler healing. As we align with our multidimensional selves, our innate power becomes more accessible, yet this influx can be overwhelming. It's essential to greet these new energies, clear blocks, and remove resistance that prevent us from soaring.

Now is the time to liberate ourselves from old constraints from this and other lifetimes, timelines, realities, ancestral and akashic inheritances, and collective limitations.

Angel Healing

What to expect from a session

As an experienced energy intuitive and healer, I follow the guidance of our spiritual teams and your energy. Each session is uniquely tailored for you. It will sometimes follow an expected path, while other times move in a different direction as the core issue may have been hidden. So approach with an open mind and a knowingness that the highest good is always unfolding.

Each session is supported by a perfect spiritual team,  including Angelic, Unicorn, Dragon, Crystal, Star, and Multidimensional energies, and more.


This transformative process may take several weeks of integration to allow you to land in a new place of alignment.

These advanced sessions are designed for those already on a healing journey who are ready to dive deeper.


Previously these sessions were available only to clients from my intensive programs or through referrals. If you are new to my individual work, a 15-minute pre-call is required to meet each other and explore how we can work together.

To Schedule

Step fully into your multidimensional magnificence and experience profound transformation.


If you're interested in an Intuitive Healing & Alignment session, contact us below to start your journey.

Price : €222 for a 1 hour session. 

Thank you for contacting us. We'll be in touch soon.

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What People are Saying

"Investing in Celestial Club was the beginning of a road to self discovery for me.  I have found the calls, the meditations and healing sessions powerful.  It has been a real catalyst for igniting positivity, self focus, self growth and healing for me.  The resources are so plentiful and user friendly.  If you are thinking of investing. From my experience I would absolutely say YES! Joan is masterful and incredibly skilled in her field, it has truly changed me in the world - for the better"

Bríd Walsh, UK

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