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Celestial Club celebrated its 4th birthday in 2023. So much has changed since we began in 2019. The world is a different place, and we are in a time of immense transformation. It is time to re-envision Celestial Club so that it continues to be a beacon of light for the next phase of our expansion. 

Update April 2024

The web design for our new Celestial Club is in progress.

Check out the sneak peak below.


Join our waiting list now to be first to hear about Celestial Club's relaunch in 2024 and receive special offers.

Celestial Club Sanctuary of Light

A Sanctuary of Light

While connection and community, meditation and healing, are pivotal parts of Celestial Club, the foundation upon which our membership exists is our Sanctuary of Light.

Overlighted by Divine Mother, Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, and many loving celestial beings, it is an energetic temple of solace and comfort.

Adjusted regularly by calling forth the perfect light codes and spiritual teams that will best serve and assist for that month, depending on what is occurring in the world, astrologically, and within our community.

Celestial Club Sanctuary of Light
Celestial Club Sanctuary of Light

In my 2 decades on this spiritual journey, I often struggled after wonderful workshops and training, when the space closed upon completion. I needed a cocoon, a safe space, to integrate and assimilate the new.


That is why I created within Celestial Club the workshop experience of  a wonderful warm, safe, healing atmosphere, that is available at all times.


Whether it is for meditation, sleeping, reading, spiritual practice, there is always a sanctuary filled with light beings and support. It is needed now more than ever as we navigate the journey into this new era.

As a member of Celestial Club you will receive

Our human self is expanding and connecting to parts long forgotten, while our star, galactic, and source self are aligning and merging. Without support, it can be confusing and challenging.


Within Celestial Club, we offer meditations, activations, healing, live calls, and daily practices that will support your journey in a beautiful and magical way.

Celestial Club

Sanctuary of Light

Celestial Club Sanctuary of Light

The Sanctuary of Light is a continuously evolving energetic cocoon of comfort, healing and support, offering a place for rest, relaxation and solace. 


Accessible any time, allowing effortless connection to our spiritual teams, a meditative space, a respite from the intensity of change.


Over lighted by many Celestial light beings who are awaiting your presence.

Celestial Club

Daily Practice Library

Celestial Club Daily Practices

The library of daily practices includes meditation, healing, energy management, grounding, connecting, and more. These short audio offerings are easy to incorporate into daily life, even during busy times.

​Building and expanding our spiritual practice takes time and patience. Start now with these gentle and powerful processes, and feel the ease and flow that naturally occurs when we connect regularly.

Celestial Club

Meditations & Activations

Celestial Club Meditations & Activations

Elevate your spiritual journey with transformative activations, attunements, healing and alignment. Then the Sanctuary provides a magnificent anchoring and integration space. 

Held live on power days each month, we clear hidden blocks and limiting energy patterns, connect to our Divine light and spiritual teams, and much more.


Monthly events free with membership and replays are available.

Celestial Club

Angel Healing


This gentle yet powerful Angel healing nourishes us and weaves all into perfect coherence and divine wholeness for our highest good. It lovingly aligns us to New Earth and helps us navigate the changes unfolding as a result of new levels of light.


Taking place within the Sanctuary of Light, this audio experience is an ideal companion to expansion and transformation, beautifully preparing us for the next steps on our journey.

Celestial Club

Community Calls

Celestial Club Community Calls

Engage in live, interactive calls where we share our experiences, answer questions, provide personalized guidance, healing, and support in a like-minded community. 

It's a unique space where community members connect, learn, and grow together on their spiritual journeys.

Our monthly live gathering is exclusively for members and replays are available.

Celestial Club

And More ...

Celestial Club More

Receive regular gentle nudges and reminders to connect and breathe. 


As we regularly adjust the energies that support us in Celestial Club, we will share important information as needed - sometimes about the energies in the world, sometimes about themes we observe in our community energies.


These timely updates are designed to help us  navigate this extraordinary year and this magical time on Earth.

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