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Group Agreements

Welcome to the Celestial Club community. It is an honor to have you in our sacred circle. By joining you have taken a further step onto the path of spiritual growth and extraordinary personal transformation.


As we come together I’d like to share with you the group agreements for this community. It is vital when we are expanding that we respect each person’s process. There will be times when some will feel joyful while others are in the deep processing phase. To support and hold each in the highest possible vibration please commit to the following agreements.


Responsibility for myself, and only myself

I commit to my own transformation and to take full responsibility for my own well-being.


As empaths/healers/teachers with open hearts, our natural inclination is to help but I commit to support and hold space rather than taking responsibly for anyone else’s challenges.  I will encourage rather than provide solutions or unsolicited advice.


I remember we are all magnificent beings of light and I and everyone else here has the power to generate beautiful solutions. I hold all in loving kindness while allowing each to share their vulnerability and imperfections as we walk this path together.


Celebrate Success

I commit to celebrate my own and others triumphs, to share our visions and the realization of our potential. I commit to foster an environment that enables us all to grow together and release the old patterns of competition and comparison.



I choose to address challenges on my healing journey from a place of empowerment and possibility rather than blame and victimization. I commit to communicate and offer feedback in productive and solution-oriented ways. I understand there are times when we all face obstacles, fears, old beliefs and habits, and I choose to see and approach these as wonderful opportunities for growth and healing.


I commit to keep confidence and protect the privacy of all members. I will not share personal information, or any information shared by a member without their written permission. I agree never to reveal the identity of a member or their stories, even with names removed, outside of the group.


This is a space of safety and growth and I commit to foster an environment of trust and confidence.


No Distribution or Sharing of Content

I commit to honor the work and the energy of the group by not sharing any recordings, audio, videos or other group offerings. I understand all content is created for the group and is not suitable for people outside of the group. The energy of this work is very different from what is shared publicly by 

No Solicitation

 I understand the purpose of this community is to support, encourage and connect with each other as we expand and grow into our divine potential. I commit to keeping this a space free of selling, advertising or marketing my own or others business offerings. I commit to not soliciting members with my own or others’ offers of products or services, or using any contact information to solicit business from other members.



I understand I only have access to this group as long as I am a Celestial Club member.



It is my great joy to welcome to you to our community and join you on your journey of expansion, growth and transformation.

If there are any questions on any of these agreements please contact

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