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Ancestral Harmony

Ancestral Harmony


We walk this Earth with thousands of Ancestors at our back, each broadcasting the magic and blessings of our line in every moment. Now is the time to heal, clear and uplift our ancestral inheritance to its Divine potential, and accept its magnificent bounty and strength.


Meet your Ancestral Collective and heal and harmonize the entire line in a beautiful Guided Meditation (20mins).


Receive a Silver Ray ancestral Cellular Cleanse in a wonderful Healing Session (45mins).


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  • Included in this package is :

    1. A Guided Meditation where we meet our Ancestral Collective. Feel the entire collective; ancestors, descendants, and the people on earth with us.

    Cleanse, clear, heal and harmonize the ancestral line and understand your place in it. Meet the souls you have known and travelled with for eons of time. (20mins)


    2. A powerful Healing Session, where the Angels and the Silver Ray washes any ancestral, akashic, genetic or other energies that no longer serve from our cells, tissues and neural pathways.

    When we clear energetically (as we did in our meditation), we also need to do a cellular cleanse as ancestral inheritance is part of our physical makeup since conception.

    This sacred healing brings the physical and energetic systems into alignment, allowing us to benefit fully from the blessings and strengths of our ancestry. (45mins)


    3. A Guide to optimise the use of this meditation and healing. 


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    Refunds are not issued for digital products once the order is confirmed and the product is sent. Contact us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

  • Safety Information

    Our meditations and healings are not suitable to listen to while driving or doing anything that requires your concentration, as they may cause drowsiness.

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