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Choices with Archangel Gabriel

Choices with Archangel Gabriel


Do you drive yourself a little crazy going back and forth trying to make a choice or decision? Does it go around and around in your head at 2am as you list the pros and cons, your fears and desires?


In every moment we are faced with choices, so how do we choose the optimal path for us?


Archangel Gabriel is the angel of divine direction and can help us see which option is for our highest good.


In the Guided Meditation be attuned to Archangel Gabriel so he can help you make clear and confident choices and decisions (20mins).


In the wonderful Healing Session let the Angels clear the pathways ahead so your choices can flow with ease (45mins).


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  • Included in this package is :

    1. A Guided Meditation where we receive an attunement from Archangel Gabriel, the angel of divine direction, so we can communicate with him easily. Each time we listen we strengthen our connection.

    He then guides us to the optimal option for a choice we need to make now. Come back and relisten when you need to make another choice. (20mins)


    2. A powerful Healing Session, where the Angels clear the pathways ahead to allow the easy flow and progression of any choices we have made. They also move out to other lifetimes and timelines to clear anything which may be impacting the present.

    This is the perfect healing to experience when you have made a new choice, or you feel blocked or stuck. (45mins)


    3. A Guide to optimise the use of this meditation and healing. 


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  • Safety Information

    Our meditations and healings are not suitable to listen to while driving or doing anything that requires your concentration, as they may cause drowsiness.

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