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Archangel Michael Blessings : Resilience in Times of Change
Archangel Michael Blessings : Resilience in Times of Change

Complete : Recording in Shop



Archangel Michael Blessings : Resilience in Times of Change

Meditation & Activation - Recording Available

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Complete : Recording in Shop


About the event

A recording of this event is now available in our shop :

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April 2024 :

April's transformative energies are increasing the speed of change, both individually and collectively.

Intuitively we can sense something unknown up ahead, a new way unfolding. Often, instead of feeling excited for new possibilities, we find ourselves fearful and anxious. This may cause energetic wobbles, mental or emotional challenges, and more.

Many of our fears stem from past experiences, both from this and other lifetimes and civilisations, which we tend to project forward, expecting similar situations to reoccur. We can lovingly release those fears now and embrace a new way, stepping towards a wondrous future, bathed in levels of light and consciousness that Earth has not reached before.

Our Beloved Archangel Michael is stepping forward to support us in these transformative times. He is a dear friend and companion who walks beside us daily, offering comfort in times of fear, worry or struggle. He is always present when we are going through big life changes and shares his courage and resilience with us. 

Archangel Michael wishes to sweep away the fears that no longer serve us, upgrade our Root Chakra for New Earth, and guide and protect us in all ways. 

Join us on the magical 22-4, a wonderful angelic date. Let Archangel Michael walk beside you now as a guardian in these sacred times. Let his powerful protection and guidance be a comfort as you adapt to the new.

About the Event :

I’m Joan and I’ve been creating magical light-filled journeys and meditations for nearly two decades. Archangel Michael is one of the first Angels I worked closely with, and continues to be my most treasured friend today. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to navigate the fears that arose as I stepped into my gifts and power. I am so excited to hold this space for his beautiful light.

During this activation and meditation we will :

✨ ️ Partner with Archangel Michael, the Angelic realm, and the Angels of April and New Earth.

✨ ️ Work with Archangel Michael’s powerful blue and white flame to gently release fear from the body and cells, clearing at all levels from this and all lifetimes and timelines.

✨ ️ Clear trauma, energetic reminders and tripwires from Lemuria and Atlantis that are triggering now as the energies rise. These are limiting our potential and blocking our expansion.

✨ ️ Realign our Root chakra with a deep cleanse, activation, and upgrade, so we can align with New Earth without the limitations of past fear and survival issues.

✨ ️ Receive a personal blessing from Archangel Michael, unique to each person and their life circumstances. He will share his light of courage and resilience, providing us with all we need to navigate the changes occuring. 

✨ ️ Send Archangel Michael’s protection Angels to our loved ones and communities. 

✨ ️ Sit and listen for guidance and messages from Archangel Michael.

Allow Archangel Michael's divine presence to clear away fear and worry, leaving you feeling uplifted and empowered. Let yourself be wrapped in Angels wings and know that all is unfolding in Divine perfection and for our highest good.

The unfolding of the event is always guided by Spirit and the energy of the constellation that gathers. Sometimes I will speak light language during the event; it depends on what is the highest need of the group on the day.

We are lovingly supported by Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, our Star and Galactic families, the Crystalline realms, Mother Earth, and many more.

These are powerful and transformative events. Always check within that this is the right time for you to participate. Know that you cannot miss out on energy that is intended for you. Your Higher Self will always bring you what you need in perfect divine timing.

Cost for this event is €22

( approx $24, £19 )

Our events for 2024 are priced to make them as accessible as possible while still providing a magical experience. This is a pivotal year for humanity. It is time to gather and light up the most blessed possibilities.

Additional Information :

Listening :

The Event link will be in your registration confirmation email.

⭐ Event Time Convertor :

12pm Ire/UK,  1pm CET,  7am EST. 

April 22nd 2024

Replay :

A recording is available and shared within 24hrs of the event. Details on how to access it will be shared via email. This event can be enjoyed live, or later via the replay. You will receive the full power of the energies with both options as this is multidimensional. Repeating the activation and meditation will enhance the effects.

Preparation for the Event :

While no specific preparation is required, it is a good idea to set aside some time beforehand. Set up a comfortable and quiet space, have water, a journal and pen at hand, and anything else you need to honor your time and commitment to yourself for this powerful process.

After the event, give yourself time to ease back into your usual routine, as the process may be intense. Keeping well hydrated afterwards and rest as needed.

Refund Policy :

Tickets are non-refundable. If you have any issues with your purchase please contact


  • Archangel Michael Blessings

    Resilience in Times of Change




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