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Dreaming In The New Energies

Some of our deepest desires may have been with us for years, yet many have failed to blossom and grow in the ways we had wished for.


Don’t assume because something didn’t occur in the old energies, that it can never happen.


Re-examine those long held dreams. Some will naturally fall away and be replaced by something even better, others may experience a wondrous rebirth.


This is a new era and we need to look with new eyes.


In this powerful Year of the Dragon, create a bubble of Angelic light, invite the sacred Dragons to be with you, and partner to allow the miraculous to unfold.


Feel the potential. We have arrived.

Cultivating Spring Growth

Everywhere we look there are signs of spring. Daffodils and crocuses are blossoming. The buds on the trees are about to open into leaves. Grass is growing and the birds are singing.


This is a time when planted seeds start to mature. Whatever you have been preparing over the last 3 months can now start to expand and grow.


Nurture and support what you have planted. Just like a flower needs water and soil, so too do our creations need gentle nurturing.


Take a moment to ask within what your creations require to thrive, and then respond as needed.

Translating the magic

After a period of amplified incoming light and solar intensity, we need to pause.


Integration takes time, acclimatization to the new is a process rather than a singular event. Our nervous system and cells are slowly adjusting.


We also need to anchor the light by allowing it to move fully through our being and ground deep into Mother Earth. She and the Nature Spirits know how to weave it into this reality, so call on them often.


Once the light is grounded, the next step is translating it for our human self to understand how to work with it and allow it to create magic in our lives. Call on the Spirit of Solaris and the Angels of the Sun to translate the codes into a language and frequency that you can easily understand.


Go gently and be patient with yourself and others.


Know that you are loved and have all the support you need for this blessed time.

Your Light is Needed now

In these times of unprecedented change and fear it more vital than ever before that the lightworkers hold a steady, peaceful field. Not just people who work in a spiritual field but everyone who can call in help, who can sit in a place of stillness and calm, who can pray with an open heart for the well being of all.


Imagine the fear and panic is a dark room. If one person in a calm and connected place shines a little light then imagine what 1000s of people shining their light does. It lights up the whole room. 


Take time to sit in silence and connect. Call in the Angels for loving support. Do it from a place of deep love for humanity and the earth. The positive impact of this is unimaginable when we all come together. And let our efforts be free of judgement. If we can hold this focus for even 5 mins then we've contributed to the overall light that is needed right now. 


You are here in these changing times for a reason and you can make a difference. Be the light you came here to be.


Call on your Angels and family of light and shine, shine, shine.

Prayer by Feeling

With all that is happening in the world and the fear & stress  that it can trigger; I'd like to share a simple way of praying by feeling that I love to use. When we feel what we are asking for it is so much more powerful than our minds alone asking. And when many people do it the effect is magnified exponentially.


I start by setting my intention that the highest & greatest good unfolds from my prayers, as we never know the full details of the greater Divine plan.


As an example, if I am praying for Peace

  • I call in the assistance of the Angels of Peace

  • I connect to my heart and start saying 'Peace' repeatedly, feeling the energy of Peace within.

  • When I am fully in the feeling of Peace I allow it to flow out to all parts of the world, merging with the Angelic light of peace so that it's like a warm blanket of light softly landing around the world.

If I am praying for water for countries that need it now

  • I call in the Angels and elementals

  • I say 'Thank you for Water' over and over and imagine I  feel the water flowing over the land, feel it splashing on the earth and soaking into the soil.

We are here in these sacred times, standing in the light, and we can contribute so much with our prayers.

Feeling safe with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the Angel of safety & protection. Work with him now to release fear.


Call on Archangel Michael to wrap his beautiful wings around you, and feel yourself cocooned in his soothing blue light.


  • Breathe in and out slowly. 

  • On each out breath, blow out fear, panic and stress.  Archangel Michael takes it away to the light.

  • On each in breath, breathe in Archangel Michael's blue light filled with the energy of safety. It pours into your cells and energy field.

  • Do this until you feel your body soften and relax.

  • Bow in gratitude to Archangel Michael. Trust his loving protection.

Ask Archangel Michael to keep you and your family safe

Resistance to change

The energies are beautifully expansive, with a push forward towards living on purpose and in ways that nourish us. This in turn though can lead to the parts that resist change to push back against the new possibilities. I definitely feel that pull/push between moving forward and wanting to stay where I am this month.

Imagine you have lived in a certain field all your life, with a gate keeping you in that space. This month has opened the gate, so you can walk out into a beautiful new lush pasture, filled with flowers and sunshine.


But we are used to the field we are in and so resistance and fear rises when we take a step forward. It may show up as saying, I’m too busy right now to make changes. Or we distract ourselves from the open gate with tv, phone, social media, or anything else that keeps us unavailable to the new.


The first step in moving past resistance is acknowledging it is there, in noticing behaviors that keep you from looking at that gate.


The next step is listening deep within to the parts that don’t want to move forward, to really hear the fears and worries that are buried within. Only when they are heard can they transform.


Then ask your Higher Self and your Angels what is the best way for you to clear the resistance? The right tool, book, person or information will show up to help you as soon as you need it.

The answer is in the Silence

Is there some question you really want to know the answer to right now? How will something turn out? What will happen next? What should I be doing?


We search around for answers and can forget that our own guidance is heard in the silence. In those moments where we stop and listen.


Will you make time to listen today?


At times we listen well, at other times it is hard to be still. And sometimes the answer isn't available yet and we need to wait longer.


In every moment be patient & kind with yourself.

You part in the Jigsaw

Imagine humanity is a large jigsaw of billions of pieces. You are one piece & the jigsaw will never be whole without your piece fully in place.


Everyday take a moment and ask questions like :


  • What is the best next step for me today? 

  • How can I contribute to my piece of the jigsaw now?

  • Angels, show me the highest vision for my life.

Each & every person is vital to the Grand Divine Plan, including you.

When it feels like we have no control.

It may seem like we have no control over our life right now. And externally that may be true with the current restrictions. But inside we do have control. We decide how to feel, how to react. We decide how to be and who we are in this new place. 


Enjoy quiet time, play inspiring music, pray. Listen to a meditation or an uplifting podcast. Rest to a healing video.


Every positive moment adds more light to the world. That can be done at home, and you may have more time for it now than before.


“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”    --- Steve Maraboli

Surrendering to what is.

Are you pushing against your current circumstances and restrictions? When we push hard we create more tension and pressure, which can make everything feel more difficult.


We are living in a time of great change so it is very understandable to constantly long for a return to 'normal'.


But what if something new is birthing?

What if just for a little while we relax into what is, accept where we are, be grateful for what we do have, and be open to a new way of living? 


Feel the ease of surrendering to what is.

Moving towards the new

It has been a really intense year so far with the energies pushing us continually to let go of old ways so the new can enter. This months energies are less about pushing away the old and more about pulling us towards the new.


You get to decide what that new is for you. Everything can move and change rapidly now - it is so much faster and easier than ever before. Let go of the old stories of how long it takes to heal, to make changes, to flourish. Open up to another way of being, of stepping forward, of living.


There is a new energetic baseline on the planet and anything is possible. Don't let your or other's beliefs tell you otherwise.


Be present and commit to daily quiet time and mediation so you can hear the whispers of your soul. Call on your spiritual team to show you how to navigate life in a new way. If anything is possible what do you choose?


You are so very loved and appreciated. The legions of light are flooding the Earth with beautiful Divine assistance.

Choosing Love over Fear

There is a famous story about 2 wolves within each of us, one is love & joy, the other is fear, anger, resentment. And the story ends with    

“Which wolf will win?”  ... “The one you feed.”


Now more than ever we need to feed the love wolf, to build it up and let it expand. If we spend too much time absorbing the news and fear of the world then we are feeding the fear wolf, and it grows stronger.


The fear wolf does exist within, so we acknowledge it with love, thank it for its attempts to alert us to danger, stay informed, but we keep our main focus on love.


Look at all the amazing things that are happening, all the health staff working tirelessly, neighbors helping each other, people making masks and protective gear, sharing food.


There is enough information to feed both wolves.

Choose carefully and feed love most of the time.

5 min Meditation

Breathe slowly & deeply until you relax into this moment, really focusing on the movement of the breath.


  • Call on your Angels & guides to surround you with their light. Feel the light cascading down around you, soothing, healing, clearing and wrapping you in a blanket of love & support.


  • In this warm cocoon ask you self:

    • "What can I do today to support myself?"


  • Honor that part of you that responds by  following the guidance.


Offer your deepest gratitude to yourself & your team.

Bring your attention back fully to the physical, grounding your energies into the earth.

Meditating in Preparation for a New Year

Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed. Breathe slow and deeply until you feel relaxed and your body releases any tension.

  • Call in your Angels & Spiritual team to lovingly surround and support you.

  • Feel the love and comfort around you.

  • Ask for a Angel to be assigned to you for the next year, that will be with you all year for the sole purpose of helping you understand and move towards your highest good.

  • This Angel now appears in front of you. 

  • Start building a friendship with this Angel, ask her name, tell her what you want to create or feel in the year. Ask her to provide guidance in whatever way you prefer to receive - signs, messages, synchronicities etc

  • Move into silence and listen.


Thank your new Angel and all your team for their love and support.

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