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Meditation and Healing for gentle support, deep relaxation, and beautiful connections.

Starseed Connections

Starseed Connections


We have spent many lifetimes here on Earth, but we also have enjoyed ones on other star and planetary systems, both in this and other galaxies.


Maybe you wonder how to connect, where to connect to, or if you even have star connections or starseed origins. We all do. 


With the magnificent rising of light and consciousness on Earth, we are now able to collaborate with our families throughout the Cosmos. Rather than fulfilling a purpose for this life and this planet, we are expanding and evolving into our cosmic purpose.


Journey to your home planet for a Ceremony of Remembrance of your Starseed origins in a beautiful Guided Meditation (20mins).


Reopen your cosmic pathways in a wonderful Healing Session (45mins).


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  • Included in this package is :

    1. A Guided Meditation where we visit our home planet for a Ceremony of Remembrance of our Starseed origins and activation. Meet your home family and it's Wisdom Keepers. Celebrate this blessed reunion with them. (20mins)


    2. A powerful Healing Session, where the Angels are joined by the Sirius Masters to open up more of our cosmic pathways.

    We all have a multitude of streams that connect us dimensionally and cosmically. Many of these streams were closed in denser times but are ready to be opened again. The Sirius Masters perform a very special cleansing of the closed pathways and streams, so those that can serve and support us now open up fully. 

    As a result, you may notice a deeper connection to the guides you already interact with, or that new light beings make themselves known to you in the months ahead. (45mins)


    3. A Guide to optimise the use of this meditation and healing. 


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  • Safety Information

    Our meditations and healings are not suitable to listen to while driving or doing anything that requires your concentration, as they may cause drowsiness.

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