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Unicorn Blessings

Unicorn Blessings


The magical Unicorns are part of the Angelic realm. They bring their beautiful light to support our soul evolution and bring our collective vision to fruition.


They have returned to earth as the energies rise and their frequency is needed to birth the new. The Unicorns are helping humanity move forward and supporting each of us to understand our role as it relates to the whole.


In the Guided Meditation meet your personal Unicorn for a sacred activation of high frequency unicorn light and hear their divine guidance. (20mins).


In the Healing Session the Unicorns and Divine Mothers gently release the old and uplift all systems to allow more of your soul light to ground into this human self. (45mins).


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  • Included in this package is :

    1. A Guided Meditation where we relax in a beautiful meadow and meet our personal Unicorn. We receive a sacred activation of high frequency unicorn light to bring more of our soul energy onto the planet and into our conscious life.

    By listening to the wisdom of the Unicorn, we let our soul shine bright. (20mins)


    2. A magical Healing Session, where the Angels are joined by the Unicorns and Divine Mothers. They gently cleanse and clear at all levels, to release the old and uplift our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems to allow more of our soul light to ground into this human self.

    Receive their powerful blessings and feel the new emerging from deep within. Now is the moment when we rise as one and step into the future in unity and wholeness. (45mins)


    3. A Guide to optimise the use of this meditation and healing. 


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  • Safety Information

    Our meditations and healings are not suitable to listen to while driving or doing anything that requires your concentration, as they may cause drowsiness.

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