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Joan Buckley, Energy Intuitive, Spiritual Guide, Healer

Thrive on New Earth, living in Divine Partnership

Spiritual purpose, New Earth

I’m Joan Buckley, creator of Celestial Club, here to guide you on a transformative journey inwards to your own innate intuition, and across the realms of light to connect with your spiritual teams, star families, and crystalline friends.


With the magical light now available on New Earth, we can clear and transform in gentle and easeful ways, so you can receive and thrive.


Let the waves of light create powerful shifts in your life.

Join me on this sacred journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection, and remember the magic of you.  


June Activation & Meditation

Solstice Harmony: New Earth and Solaris Alignment

Prepare yourself for the summer wave of light, and feel the majesty of you within our planetary system.


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What People are Saying

"Investing in Celestial Club was the beginning of a road to self discovery for me.  I have found the calls, the meditations and healing sessions powerful.  It has been a real catalyst for igniting positivity, self focus, self growth and healing for me.  The resources are so plentiful and user friendly.  If you are thinking of investing. From my experience I would absolutely say YES! Joan is masterful and incredibly skilled in her field, it has truly changed me in the world - for the better"

Bríd Walsh, UK

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