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Partnering with our Angels and Guides is the easiest way to an abundant,  inspiring and purposeful life. 

Are you ready to thrive?

This is a pivotal time on earth, the long foretold changing of the ages. We chose to be here to experience this special time, planning it step by step before we arrived. Then promptly forgot most of the support and assistance available to us to navigate it with ease, making it extremely challenging to adjust to continuous change and find stability.


You were born to thrive in this evolving world. It is time to remember and to connect fully again to all the support within and in the higher realms.


Our Celestial Club monthly membership program is a loving community of support, meditation, healing, live calls and more.

It was created so you can remember, reconnect and live your purpose. We provide the building blocks for steady, consistent and easeful change.

​Are you ready to partner with your spiritual team and thrive?

blocked Stuck

Are you tired of trying many different workshops, books or teachings to create the life you desire? And each time you get stuck or blocked, get distracted or give up? 


What if I told you these are positive signs?


It means you were moving forward into a new space, then a part of you got fearful or stressed. Which is a normal reaction. I have felt it so many frustrating times myself. That is why we need continuous support in addition to transformational tools.


In Celestial Club we not only have the live calls and meditations to help you open up to the new, but we also provide the healing and guidance to support you when fears arise.

Discover how to connect to all the spiritual teams around you, then take a step or make a change, deal with any fear or resistance, clear it and move to the next step.

Let Celestial Club show you how.

Partnering and collaborating with your Angels and Guides is the gentlest way to create sustainable change without restarting time and again.


There wasn’t an option like Celestial Club available to me so I created it for you to include the ongoing support, tools and techniques needed for lasting personal transformation.

Partnering with my Angelic team has changed my life in amazing ways I couldn't have imagined a decade ago, and my wish for you is the same.

❔ Are you willing to consistently show up for yourself?

 ❔ If your soul is calling you to a new way and you need an affordable solution then Celestial Club is a wonderful option.

❔ Why struggle alone when it is so much easier in community?

Start the beautiful journey now to Living in Divine Partnership.


What you receive each month as

a Celestial Club Member

Celestial Club has a specific monthly theme, tailored to the needs of the members and based on the group, collective and astrological energies of that month. I then intuitively download the journeys, meditations and healings to support the theme. Every step is designed to help you navigate the ever changing energies and make the changes you long for.

There are 2 levels, Silver or Gold.  Silver provides loving support and assistance.

Gold goes deeper with a live intensive and direct access to me on the call and in our private Facebook group.

Everything is downloadable for flexible listening and to build a magical library.

Celestial Club

Cancel at any time, month by month subscription                          

If you would like to sample Celestial Club, then enjoy this Free Crystal & Angel Healing Guided Meditation to soothe and calm.


The core purpose of Celestial Club is to thrive by living in Divine partnership, while being held in a loving and like-minded community. Imagine having an angelic team beside you who you can ask for guidance, direction and healing. Live in Divine Partnership and know, feel and experience how loved and supported you truly are. 

When we join in community our journey accelerates in amazing ways, far beyond what we can do alone.

Once you commit the change begins immediately as you become part of our wonderful group energy.

The time is now for the birth of the new age. Lets birth your brand new life together. 


Join and receive these amazing bonus meditations today.

BONUS 1   Free Relax & Connect in 10 Meditation

Gold, Silver


Receive this free guided meditation when you join the Celestial Club Silver or Gold.


This meditation is ideal as a daily practice. In just 10 minutes you can relax and connect deeply to yourself and your spiritual team, and rest in their love.


It is created exclusively for members and is yours to download, keep and repeat as often as you wish. No obligation.

BONUS 2   Free Heart Meditation



Receive this free guided meditation when you join the Celestial Club Gold.


This meditation is ideal to listen to any time you need to move into that deep place of stillness to hear clear guidance. Or maybe life has been busy and you need a little help to quiet, calm and connect to your spiritual team. 


It is created exclusively for members and is yours to download, keep and repeat as often as you wish. No obligation.


© 2021 Joan Buckley. All rights reserved

Energy Intuitive, Spiritual Guide, Healer
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